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Innovation & Learning


Innovation & Learning skills are increasingly recognised as the skills that separate those who are prepared for increasingly complex life and work environments, and those who are not.

Information and communications technologies (ICT) transformed us and our habits, by the innovative manners in which people can interact with those around them, in business, in tourism, and in social wellbeing.

We benefit from access to information being readily available, and are no longer limited in our ability to access content and contacts, be it for research, gaining general knowledge, in education, business, or for entertainment.

With technology companies shaping our future, and innovators using and creating technologies in various ways, such as Mxit, a born-and-bread Stellenbosch media house, we can passionately pursue a better future through the use of internet and cellular phone technologies.

Companies such as Facebook, Twitter ad Mxit transformed our lives, offering levels of interactivity previously only matched by the advent of the telephone and telegraph systems of yore. 

Technology leads to innovation which leads to a more sustainable planet and the better sharing of knowledge.

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