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New Chairperson and board members for Stellenbosch 360


18 September 2017 [group_audience]
After six years as chairperson, Prof Andreas van Wyk stepped down and handed the reigns to Jan Scannell, former CEO of Distell at the recent AGM. Under Prof van Wyk’s leadership, Stellenbosch 360 matured into a leading tourism body respected by national, provincial and regional organisations. His legacy includes corporate governance of the highest integrity, unblemished financial stewardship and ground-breaking initiatives for the inclusion of local communities in mainstream tourism.
Jan Scannell is no stranger to tourism and his positions on the Stellenbosch 360 board and marketing committee gives him a great platform to launch his term as chairman of this vibrant organisation.
Jan shares his thoughts with us:   "As the name implies the purpose of Stellenbosch 360 is to grow tourism to Stellenbosch in co-operation with other role-players such as the university, the municipality, Wine Routes and various other community organizations, to the benefit of all residents of Stellenbosch. I firmly agree with the view that tourism is the one industry that can really make a positive contribution to the well-being of Stellenbosch as a whole.
Stellenbosch 360 must ensure that tourism to Stellenbosch is marketed in an innovative way constantly taking into account developments in the way people communicate and obtain information. At the same time, the traditional tourism channels must not be neglected.​ Read more
It must play a role in co-ordinating the activities of all role-players. In that respect it also has a duty to, in a positive way, identify and point out hindrances to the growth of tourism and as far as possible assist in attending to it. It speaks for itself that Stellenbosch 360 must continue to provide a world class tourist information centre in the heart of the town.
Assist communities
A very important part of the activities of the organization is to assist communities in Stellenbosch that have not historically been part of the tourism sector to become part. I see activities such as the Strawberry Festival, the dine with locals initiative and the proposed Ida’s Valley hiking trail as very positive developments. Stellenbosch 360 will without doubt wish to expand its role in this regard.
Focus on business tourism
The focus on business tourism is a very important development that will continue to receive focussed attention. The activities of Stellenbosch 360 are in many respects hampered by a lack of funds for important activities such as marketing and development. Within Stellenbosch 360 we shall do our best to encourage all role players in the tourism sector to join Stellenbosch 360 and become part of the activities of Stellenbosch Publicity and Marketing to generate funds to market Stellenbosch as a tourist destination. We clearly have a challenge to convince all role players, i.e. accommodation establishments, corporates, restaurants, shops, ext. that benefit from the presence of tourists in Stellenbosch that they have a duty to be involved in the efforts to market tourism to Stellenbosch and to contribute to the cost of marketing tourism to Stellenbosch.
We also need to convince more corporate organizations in Stellenbosch to contribute to the cost of development activities. We are very thankful for the contributions that have been received.  We can assure all contributors that Stellenbosch 360 will continue to manage funds and projects responsibly and diligently.
Stellenbosch 360 has been established and is managed as a fine tourism organization. In that respect Stellenbosch is hugely indebted to Prof Andreas van Wyk.  I certainly do not foresee a need for major change and to re-invent the wheel. The challenge is to fine tune, focus and assist in creating an environment where the whole of Stellenbosch co-operates in growing tourism to Stellenbosch to the benefit of the whole of Stellenbosch."
Two new board members were also appointed at the AGM.  We welcome Vivian Kleynhans of Seven Sisters Wine Estate and Annemien Kotze of Bonne Esperance Guest House.

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