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Audacia Wines

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The year was 1930.

The swashbuckling heartthrob, Errol Flynn, was Hollywood's darling while astronomers discovered Pluto and Mahatma Gandhi embarked on the salt march to passively protest British dominance over India.

At the other end of the world, in the historic and beautiful winelands of Stellenbosch, the heir to Neethlingshof, young Kosie Louw, could not bear to wait for his father's blessing on his marriage, so he spurned his inheritance and left the historic family farm. Young Kosie bought a small piece of the Annandale farm and made a home for his new bride there. Both she and his friends thought his actions bold and audacious, thus christening his new farm 'Audacia'!

Just 27 years later his son, 'Klein Kosie The Second', joined his father in running the farm. In 1996 Audacia was sold and the current owners remain custodians of the unique Audacia heritage, the Strydom and Harris families.



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Type: Wine Tasting
Location: Beyond Stellenbosch

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